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~~These are the over 50 most common "To Do" list projects a handyman is called to work on. Take some time to review exactly what we can do for you. If you have any questions on any item, please do not hesitate to call ProMaintenace. You don't need to set up different appointments for your home or business maintenance and repair projects because we can handle everything on your "TO DO" list. Within our team of handyman professionals, we have many skilled craftsmen, and as such, the projects they can complete are too many to list. •Fully Insured & Licensed •Appliance Installations •Assembling •Basement •Bathroom Installations / Repairs •Blind / Curtain Installations •Carpeting •Caulking •Ceramic Tile •Countertops •Deck Installations / Repairs •Deck Maintenance •Dimmer Switches •Door Installations / Repairs •Doorbell Installations / Repairs •Drains Unclogged •Drywall •Ductwork •Fascia / Soffit Repairs •Fan Installation / Repairs •Faucet Install / Replace •Fence and Gates •Filter Replacements •Flood Lights •Flooring: hardwood, vinyl, tile •Garage Maintenance •Grouting •Gutter Repairs and Cleaning •Grab Rail Installations •Handicap Accessibility •Hanging Pictures •Insulation •Light Fixtures •Locks •Kitchen Installations / Repairs •Molding and Trim •Painting by a professional handyman •Porches •Pressure Washing •Property management and maintenance •Screen Door Installations / Repairs •Shelving •Shutters •Shower / Tub Seats •Siding •Sinks •Storm Windows •Vents • Walls and ceilings •Weather Stripping •Windows installation •Wood Repair / Wood Rot •Yard Maintenance •And Much, Much MORE! Call ProMaintenance for a FREE estimate! 888-356-6388


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